Vector Scientific, Inc. (VSI) provides high quality forensic consulting services in the areas of injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction and conducts original scientific research in order to advance the applied science of forensic biomechanics, while promoting employee and company growth through education, research, and a teamwork approach to scientifically analyze case related issues and forensic questions.
VSI was formed to create a forensic science consulting firm to:
• provide the complementary services of injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction
• conduct original research related to these fields of science
• responsibly apply and effectively communicate the science
• do business in an ethical manner
• and provide outstanding customer service
VSI continues to evolve to meet customer demands for forensic expert services in the core expertise of injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction. Whether it's a low-speed rear-end collision or a high-profile product liability case requiring extensive testing or complex computer modeling, VSI performs advanced scientific analyses and provides outstanding customer service.
In addition to being outstanding forensic scientists, the staff at VSI has committed to be respectful, humble, ethical, accessible, available, and accountable to each other and to our clients. This commitment, along with great communication skills, makes Vector Scientific the very best at what we do.