VSI Injury Biomechanical Areas of Expertise

The biomechanical experts at Vector Scientific specialize in impact injury biomechanics in motor vehicle, sport/recreational, and industrial/occupational accidents. The majority of our work involves car crashes and analyzing occupant dynamics, injury mechanics, and restraint system use and effectiveness. VSI experts have been providing analysis, consultation, and expert witness services since 1988 and have earned a reputation as industry leaders in forensic biomechanics due to their research, testing, publications, and case-related experience.

Biomechanics Defined

Biomechanics is defined as "the science that examines forces acting upon and within a biological structure and the effects produced by such forces." (Hay, 1973) "Hay's definition implies an understanding of three areas (i) biological structures, (ii) mechanical analysis; and (iii) an understanding of movement." (Milburn, 1996) "A thorough knowledge of anatomy and histology or mechanics will not, in themselves, assist in understanding movement. It is the ability of integrate this knowledge into providing the understanding of movement that distinguishes a good biomechanics programme."
(Millburn, 1996)

Forensic Injury Biomechanics

Forensic Injury Biomechanics is an applied science wherein the legal community calls upon biomechanical experts for consultation, analysis, and expert witness testimony. Biomechanical experts are typically asked to analyze human body kinematics, kinetics, and evaluate injury mechanics under various accident scenarios. Investigation usually involves review of accident reports and evidence documentation; review of medical records and diagnostics; and inspections of the involved vehicle (including forensic examination of seat belts, airbags, etc.), protective safety equipment, and/or accident site. Methods of analysis can include review and application of scientific literature and test data; statistical analysis of field data and injury databases; case specific physical testing; or computational biomechanics analysis such FEA (Finite Element Analysis) computer modeling and simulation. Results answer forensic questions surrounding how, when, where, and why injuries were caused.

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