J. Michio Clark, PhD

Biomechanical Engineer / Research Investigator
Injury Biomechanics

Direct Dial: (720) 734-1055

photoDr. Clark’s specialty is head injury biomechanics. His research has involved the collection and analysis of head injury data through test protocols that reflect the mechanisms of injury, over 400 head injury reconstructions, assessing protective effects of helmets, and evaluating head injury risk over 1,000 motor vehicle collision tests.

Michio obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin as part of the HEADS (Head protection, a European training network for Advanced Designs in Safety) Marie-Curie Innovation Training Network. He obtained his Master of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa as part of the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory (NISL). As a Marie-Curie Fellow and member of the NISL, he has collaborated with several industry partners and governing bodies on data analysis directed at understanding how head injuries are caused and how they may be prevented.

Dr. Clark has published more than 20 scientific articles related to injury biomechanics research and was part of teams that have presented at more than a dozen scientific conferences. Michio has held research and teaching positions in the University College Dublin School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and the University of Ottawa School of Human Kinetics. He has also served as a referee for the several peer-reviewed scientific journals.

At VSI Dr. Clark conducts injury biomechanics analyses, research, and testing related to automotive, motorcycle, pedestrian, sport/recreation, and industrial/occupational accidents.

• Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering; Biomechanics – University College Dublin
• M.Sc. Human Kinetics; Biomechanics – University of Ottawa
• B.Sc. Honours in Kinesiology – Brock University